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Embrace The Awkward!

Whether you have PTSD or not, when you first start therapy, what’s most strange about it is the feeling of letting someone get to know you so well.

But after you’ve gotten to know your counselor, therapy gets a little MORE challenging, not less. That’s because once you can trust your therapist enough to start doing your work, you’ll realize just how much work there is to be done. AND THEN you have to awkwardly try out these emotional muscles you didn’t have before. I call this the Awkward Middle Phase of therapy.

It’s tempting to run and hide from the Awkward Middle Phase, but I like to help people get excited for this phase instead. That’s because this time, while you’re trying to make progress, you have more support to help you keep track of everything you’re doing, slow you down, help you act thoughtfully, and help you understand why your choices make sense for you. This time, you don’t have to make progress all alone.

Right now, things are getting strange at Show Up Counseling. I’m in my own Awkward Middle Phase in one specific way: My office is moving down the street! On Aug 1st, in-person sessions will be held at:

9431 Haven Ave
Suite 229
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

It’s going to be SO. EXCITING. to have on office space that is specially designed for just me and my clients, which could possibly be you!

But right now, I’m in the Awkward Middle Phase. For example:

Furniture and assorted items are boxed and in my living room because there isn’t room for it here at the current office. So of course, my husband and I are awkwardly walking around boxes and moving boxes to get to our stuff.

I’ve managed not to stub my toe or trip or spill on anything yet, but there’s still 2 more weeks of this to go. I do have band-aids just in case.

And here’s the thing, I know that the items inside these boxes will be important and helpful soon but right now they’re just “in the way.”

That’s the big idea I hope you take away from this month’s update:

When you are on your way to your goal, collect all the wisdom, experience, and new perspective that you can. You may not be able to apply it all perfectly right now. It may feel overwhelming or like it’s just in the way.

But if you keep trying things and practicing… as you learn from your failures, successes, and the Awkward Middle that lives between, you WILL make progress.

As you go through your awkward stages, you might notice that you have these new ideas and goals in your head and you’re just tripping all over yourself trying to transition into “Better You”.  

Don’t worry. Just focus on embracing every single piece of your progress, even before the pieces have fully come together.

I can’t wait to share the new office with you, either in-person or virtually in the background. If you live in or can come to California, you can book a intro call with me, no matter which office I’m in.

Hopefully, I’ll have a few pictures for you next month! Until then, I’ll be running errands, opening boxes, assembling furniture, and keeping track of anything I’ve learned so I can keep sharing it with you.

I’m wishing you well today and always.

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