EMDR Intensive Trauma Therapy

All people in therapy are heading for the same things: personal stability, better relationships, good mental health, and happiness. Some strategies get you there faster than others. EMDR Intensive work speeds up this process for you, so you can start thinking differently, and therefore acting differently. This is life-changing stuff.

EMDR Intensives let us make a lot of progress in a very short amount of time.

What is EMDR?

FIRST, let’s talk about traumatic memories okay?

A traumatic memory may involve violence, overwhelming grief, a painful violation of trust, a bad medical experience or something else you can’t let go of. We all experience these things. However, a traumatic memory can become a problem when it distracts you in your daily life, comes up whenever you’re faced with a big accomplishment or failure, or keeps you from a restful night’s sleep. Sometimes a traumatic memory might cause you to say things you never meant to say or totally isolate yourself so you can feel safe.

EMDR therapy is a way of talking about traumatic memories while simultaneously moving your eyes or the body in ways that keep you feeling safe. Together we’ll make a individualized plan based on your needs, we’ll work on building skills to regulate yourself, we’ll increase your awareness of what helpful and unhelpful lessons and skills you’ve picked up over time, and then we’ll talk about the moments that taught you your approach to life and relationships. You’ll start to replace old, unhealthy life lessons with new ones that feel right to you, and that’s where your personal transformation takes off!

What is an EMDR Intensive?

An EMDR Intensive is a multi-hour appointment that allows for much more progress to be made in a shorter time.

Consider this: When meeting with a therapist weekly, a few minutes at the beginning of your appointment is used to help you acclimate to the therapy environment, give updates, and pick a topic of focus. After you talk for a bit, a few minutes at the end of the session are used to help you “wrap up” and summarize the session and lessons for the week. This is a perfectly fine way to experience therapy; you learn to build and maintain a safe human bond, you let a couple major concerns out, and that helps you deal with your life.

The difference with working in longer sessions is that we don’t interrupt your mental process after 30 or 40 minutes for wrapping up. You get more intense focus to sort through the challenging stuff on your mind. This allows for several weeks worth of progress in one day.

If you know you’re interested:

If you have more questions, read on through the FAQs!

How many hours will we meet?

One intensive session will be a total of 9 hours. This includes a 90 minute prep session, 6 hours of intensive work, and a 90 minute debrief session. A lot of positive impact can happen with one intensive. You’ll be able to decide if you feel the need to come back and how long you want to wait before you do.

Can I keep meeting with my current therapist?

YES! I recommend that you do. A long-term therapeutic relationship with a trained professional helps you unlearn old patterns and keeps you feeling stabilized over time. The prep session we have will help us develop a plan that is in line with your therapy, and I will seek your therapist’s or psychiatrist’s perspective.

Are we meeting virtually or in person?

This is something we’ll discuss and agree upon together. The option to meet in-person will only be offered in line with the safest recommendations of the State of California and is subject to change as those recommendations change.

Can ANYONE sign up for this?

Intensive work with me is a great option for you if you’re an adult with traumatic memories and you:

-can’t promise to meet with me every week for an hour right now because of work, caregiving, or school obligations, or

-you’ve been in therapy before, but that one thing in your brain STILL won’t leave you alone, or

-you’re having a hard time finding a Black Lady EMDR therapist in your area.

When we do our free phone consultation, I’ll ask you a little more about yourself, and if I don’t think this approach is a good fit for you, I’m happy to refer you to someone else. While you can take the initial call from anywhere in the world, you will be asked to be present in the state of California at the time of treatment.

How much does it cost?

An intensive costs $2160 and includes your prep session, the 6 hour processing session(s), and your debrief session, due at the time of reservation. I do not accept cancellations or offer refunds, but if you realize you need to reschedule, I’m happy to work with you with 7 days notice.

Will my insurance cover this?

Insurance does not typically cover longer sessions in full, but they may cover a portion of the cost. If you’re eligible for Out-of-Network benefits, you will be responsible to recover your reimbursement directly from your insurance company. I’m happy to provide a superbill on request.

Looking for weekly therapy?

I don’t have any weekly spots open and I do not keep a waiting list because you deserve to get the help you need in a predictable manner. If you know you need help, but prefer a more traditional treatment schedule, I’m happy to provide a referral via email, please use my contact form to reach out.

If you’re ready to get started, get in touch!

Imagine a life where your mind doesn’t see a threat around every corner, where you feel brave and whole. That’s where we’re headed!

Book a free 15 minute consultation today.

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