Imposter Syndrome.

Welcome to Andreana’s Book Club. Ok not really…But did you read Viola Davis’ book “Finding Me” yet?

Well, in it she writes about how even though she was the award-winning VIOLA FREAKIN DAVIS to all of us, she she wasn’t that at all to herself. She was still carrying around her identity as a little “ugly” girl in danger of being beat. Why? Because when she was little, some boys, and sometimes her own parents, taught her that lesson with violence.

Viola Davis in Vanity Fair, with a gold background, a big afro, and a bigger smile.

I mean…LOOK AT THIS WOMAN. Look at her! Do you see how how beautiful and accomplished and respected she is? Well, she couldn’t see it. Even while she was being it. She had to do her work to realize her worth.

That’s what imposter syndrome is like. It blinds you to the full reality of yourself.

There are several reasons why women of all backgrounds but especially Black women, struggle with this. Often, we picked up a painful message (or outright lie) from someone or somewhere a loooooong time ago, and just keep struggling to put it down. (Note, you don’t have to be a woman to pick up a lie. Anyone can do that. We just navigate some particularly nasty lies as little girls.)

Now, imposter syndrome probably helped you work hard. Imposter syndrome probably helped you achieve some impressive things as a child, teen, or grown up. And when you meet with me and tell me about your accomplishments, I will be genuinely impressed.

But here’s the thing. Are YOU impressed with YOU? And if not, why not? Whose approval are you waiting on? Whose co-sign do you still need after everything you’ve already made it through?

What if that thing you’ve been searching for is WAY closer than you thought? Like right within your grasp…

I’d like to help you get it. And sooner than you think, you’ll be able to tell me, “Thanks for that last session, I’m good for a while. I’ll call when I have something else to work on.” And we’ll celebrate that just like every other great thing you’ve done! Sound good? Send me a message so we can get to work.