You Don’t Know How to Be a Workaholic and Be Happy.

In my office and online, I worked with every kind of workaholic: business owners, students, professionals, executives and people who generally feel lost when work gets too slow.

One theme comes up more than any other. No matter how many certifications, accomplishments and positions they collect, they CANNOT RELAX.

Maybe you can relate.

Can workaholics have a good life? Absolutely. A certain level of productiveness and income can make life much smoother.

The problem starts when you never enjoy your accomplishments because you’ve got to worry about the next thing. You might be able to close the tabs on your work computer but can never quite close all the tabs open in your mind.

If I’m describing your life, just know that there are some good reasons why you keep doing this to yourself:

  • You want to be responsible and stable.
  • Your childhood sucked.
  • You were burned when trying to focus on a relationship or community.
  • You’re way too anxious about the future.
  • You let people run you, your time, or your money.
  • Or maybe: Staying busy helps you avoid your dark thoughts and bad memories.

These experiences are important to your story and there isn’t anything wrong with working hard while you figure out your life. What is wrong is that even when you’re trying to feel good, relax, calm down, take a break, you just…CAN’T. This pisses off your loved ones, keeps you from feeling refreshed when you have a day off, and leads you to unhealthy habits to turn off your brain. In this way, overworking yourself turns into self-harm and resentment toward others.

You don’t have to stop overworking to start benefitting from therapy. I offer customized scheduling with intensives so that you can improve as much in one week as you would normally improve in a month or more. We focus on taking control of your body, fixing your self-talk, processing your experiences, and helping you create new purpose for the future. We’ll reconnect all that work to your purpose on the planet.

If you’re ready to enjoy the fruit of all that labor you’ve been doing, send me a message and we’ll set up your intake assessment. We can collaborate on a plan that works for you.

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